Fortune Cookies for the Twenty-First Century

Fortune Cookies for the Twenty-First Century

Be grateful you can breathe.

Encourage flowers to shrink to seeds.

Your horrible secret? Tell it to a dog.

The lover you seek knows your secret.

When six vultures show up in a newly hayed field,
   assume there are dead rodents.

If your cell phone tells you your weight,
   throw it in the river.

Treat all creatures as sentences from a holy text.

Plant creatures also respond to change.

Heart attacks do not require arrows.

If you are served tongue, you do not have to swallow it.

Invasives often outperform natives.

Remember Voyager. The sky is not the limit.

Redefine sanctuary.

Light the candle that smells of blue spruce.

The stone Buddha under snow is still
   the Buddha.

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