Edward Hemstreet is a surfacing artist from New Jersey, United States. His works are featured or forthcoming in Figroot Press, Into the Void Magazine, and The Gateway Review among others. When not writing, he may be found eating bushes of honeysuckle and drinking uncomfortable amounts of tea.


A sweet ceremony,
) ) body filled ( (
             with cherry stones,
goers gushing
<( , )> grief.

         …In death, even, I
wait for you.
My best pose,
                  ___ repose, ___
||| struck to impress,

The whole time hoping
                 _\ _\ for your knees ;;
Distant cousins,
false lovers bent,
              ] ] but not you. [ [

Oh, so sour there,
the pit inward
                < < bursting, > >
^^^ all the growth

Every mourner then
{} {} dined on
               the results —
That fruit of cherry tree,
,,, weeping, weeping. ,,,

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