Kaitlyn Gaffney is a north Jersey poet and senior Writing major at Rowan University. She serves as a poetry editor for Glassworks Magazine. Her work is published in Avant Literary Magazine, The Rising Phoenix Review, and forthcoming in Gone Lawn. She has produced two original plays through Rowan.



i am six and i want to siphon the colors
from the stained-glass hymns that

elude me. bathe in them and emerge
whole. candied. reverent. i want to

gnaw at the pages of scripture and
feel them melt on my tongue. i want

the cobweb in the corner by my mother’s
shoe and i want to ask the spider if they

have anyone to forgive. the cloth of the
pew itches and i want to stop it – to stop

the itch.

i am twenty-one and i imbibe wine like i
will find Calvary at the bottom of a chalice.

i am rot and puncture wound. i am lacerated
still. i know nothing of want, of orison. i am

the necrosis of creed in the hands of a
skeptic. i bathe in a field of blood and emerge

truth. the silver pieces singe my pocket
and i scratch at my thighs – i scratch

until they bleed.

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