Druid Dream #4

Mary Shanley.jpgMary Shanley is a poet/storyteller living in New York City. She has published four books and frequently publishes online and in print journals.

Druid Dream #4

Let this be your baptism of wild mind,
as you untangle yourself from
the regimentation of multiplication tables.
Walk into the emptiness without light.
This may not feel as certain as your
everyday canon of behaviors; but
a means of discovering something new.

Go to the forest and seek out a grove
of oak trees. Remain there until instructed
to move.

And how thrilled you were to stumble
onto a gang of untamed misfits who join
you in watching wild horses jump over the
spellbound humans. They take pictures
of the horses as they gallop into the desert,
but when they check their cameras,
the images left not a trace.

When you fly free in an uncomplicated
space, a new creature is born inside
your skin. She is sharp and only
lightly programmed. “Why should I?
Who said so? Why not?” she asks.

Let this be your baptism of visions,
as you continue to find your way
into unknown regions. You spin so many
life and death stories, how can I possibly
believe a word you say. When I tell you this,
you laugh and disappear into the grove of oak trees,
where the chanting has already begun.

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