Chasing Broken Language

Philip Newton is a writer and musician living in Oregon. His novel, Terrane, was published in September by Unsolicited Press, and his poetry has appeared in magazines from Portland, Oregon to Bangalore, India.

Chasing Broken Language

I forgot to write this
Now look what’s happened
It’s all gone running off
Lost and panting
Nosing here and there
With my dogs on the hill
Through the wet borders
Under a sky that threatens
Like a drunk and offended carpenter

Nothing will be all right
I will not be made whole
I will be forever pestered
By those seeking justice
What do I know of justice?
I’ll never find anything again

In the late afternoon
When anyone with any decency
Should be asleep
Or at the very least beaten half to death
I’ll be forced to go and gather
My thoughts
Endure their gnawing
Patiently extract them from the
Fine mess they’ve gotten themselves into

They aren’t grateful
They have no remorse
They will kill you dead
For no reason whatsoever

If you thought this was easy
You had better think again


[image:  Dark Thoughts | Robert Carter]

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