I-90 West, South Dakota

Sydney Holets is a poet, editor, environmentalist, intersectional feminist, and vegan who is getting her Creative Writing degree at Hamline University in St. Paul, MN. In December 2018, Sydney self-published her first chapbook of creative writing titled In Full Bloom. When not writing, she can be found in various coffee shops, studying aromatherapy, or tending to her many plants.

I-90 West, South Dakota

I’ve seen the way the fields dance. Their woven
patchwork swaying across every hill, untouched.
Nature in its purest form. Dissolving cabins
with roofs collapsed by history, mossy cracks
between boards. Someone built them once. Melded
wall to wall and nailed each shingle to the rhythm
of their heart. One step closer to home. To safety.
To the dream of dreams. Pyramids of haybales,
stacked corks from empty bottles. Someone used
to roll them so carefully. Hugging every piece
of grass until it was whole. I wonder if they miss
that love. The kind of love that only comes from hands,
touching as if each dried straw was full of life
again, more beautiful than the envied flowers
of summer. The love that rises with the sun and stays
till dark, when the night sends it home to get some rest.
The fields know love will not leave. Where there is love
to be given, it will be received. It always comes home.

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