Fish Fry

Andrew Weatherly hears inspiration from dying trees, Hawaiian shirts, fires, and other poets.  He is blessed to live in the hood, teach adults to read, dance in the streets in Asheville, NC, and occasionally slip off on pilgrimages to sacred mountains. He’s been published in BlazeVox, Belle Reve, Axe Factory, Former People, Danse Macabre, Cordite, the Literary Nest, Commonline Journal, Hot News, and Crack the Spine.

Fish Fry

to send a flood as punishment
He must have loved the fish
to give them dominion over the Earth
For forty days and nights
they ruled the land and sea
their kingdom by divine right
no need to conquer
just a gift of the Lord
No longer merely eating algae
but now devouring kale and corn
Big fish not limited to small fry minnows
but chasing dead mice
through liquefied fields
Cat fish were in Heaven on Earth
with all that fresh mud and feces to eat
But the even handed Lord
still filleted the fish for
their forty day dominion
by keeping Friday their special day
to provide supper

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