Eyeballing Script

Andrew Weatherly hears inspiration from dying trees, Hawaiian shirts, fires, and other poets.  He is blessed to live in the hood, teach adults to read, dance in the streets in Asheville, NC, and occasionally slip off on pilgrimages to sacred mountains. He’s been published in BlazeVox, Belle Reve, Axe Factory, Former People, Danse Macabre, Cordite, the Literary Nest, Commonline Journal, Hot News, and Crack the Spine.

Eyeballing Script

When the trees eyeball your steps
seeking your nose
rearranging your ears
asking what you can offer them
and a prayer is only amusing
offering chocolate, corn meal, tobacco, ash
the wrong language
the hand drawing ink
inscribing runes
seeking to speak a tongue of dappled leaves
trunks rooted in one spot forever
so that paged words, ink on sheets
draw arrows
respond and hint
trail breadcrumbs
for a place where ‘bread’
is a foreign notion

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