Compassion for Throwbacks

Jeannie E. Roberts has authored six books, including The Wingspan of Things (Dancing Girl Press), Romp and Ceremony (Finishing Line Press), Beyond Bulrush (Lit Fest Press), and Nature of it All (Finishing Line Press). Her second children’s book, Rhyme the Roost! A Collection of Poems and Paintings for Children, was recently released by Daffydowndilly Press, an imprint of Kelsay Books. She is Poetry Editor of the online literary magazine Halfway Down the Stairs. When she’s not writing or editing, you can find her drawing and painting, or outdoors photographing her natural surroundings.

Compassion for Throwbacks

You’ll find them on Sunday mornings, parked in pews,
sitting upright, trying to do right, falling short,
at yard sales and auctions, inside well-staged garages,
rummaging for a deal, shopping at department stores,
holding coupons, sifting through clearance racks,
telling stories about neighbors, family, and people
they don’t even know, endorsing brands of detergents
and bathroom cleaners, talking about the weather,
expressing the scariness of everything, including tattoos,
clutching their purses, glaring at pretty girls, beautiful
women, single and divorced women, creative, independent
women, business and educated women, and all the other
women who don’t quite fit into echoes of conformity,
molds of convention, as they tilt their heads in practiced
sweetness, like bobbleheads, living in fear, nodding
in blind obedience to the men who boss them around.

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