Former Self Release

Jennifer Lothrigel is a poet and artist residing in the San Francisco Bay area. She has just published her first chapbook through Liquid Light Press, titled ‘Pneuma’. Her work has also been published in Arcturus, Deracine, Rag Queen Periodical, Poetry Quarterly, NILVX and elsewhere.

Former Self Release

She was feather drifting into the night.
Her Geisha face shrouded with black lace
looked like a basket full of stars
as it floated into the dark.

I screamed
deep from my belly,
my head reaching out the kitchen window
of my 8th floor apartment
“Don’t Go”
The sound bounced off buildings
then fell short of arriving anywhere.

The city lights spread fiery
across the horizon
and I lost her in the flickering landscape.

So quiet was the night,
humming with a harmony
I had not heard before.

I closed the window,
drank my chamomile tea,
my face newly washed
and went to bed.

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