In The Between

Kristopher William Locke is a poet and artist born, raised and situated in the Canadian prairies with experience in various mediums including radio, print, web and stage. Readers are invited to join him on the peaks and valleys that exist within, and despite, the flat prairie landscape of his homeland. The result is part of his shared collection of internal essays.

In The Between

The rabbit stops.
Just long enough 
                          for you to see
                                               a glassy marble eye
I see a soul in there 
I see familiar in that hazel walnut 
A white kite or piece of plastic squirming 
			to be unleashed 
		from the grips 
	of hands on trees

It can be hard to decipher b’tween truce 
& surrender

It can be hard to suffer b/w past 
& future

On pause;
               in limbo
               caught somewhere
                                            in the between

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