Day of the Blackbirds

David Reuter is a New Jersey based poet. His work has been published in The Cape Rock, Existere Journal, Sanskrit Literary-Arts Magazine and Vox Poetica.  He attended William Paterson University’s Writer’s Conference in 2018 and Rutgers Writers’ Conferences in 2017, 2018 and 2019. He has a bachelor’s degree from Caldwell College, works as a paralegal and enjoys practicing martial arts, playing guitar, and cooking in his free time.

Day of the Blackbirds

A fierce collage of shrieks on high
is flaying through a film-noir world.
A sheet of feathers haunts the sky,

a twisting, writhing raven mass,
obscuring endless azure heights.
The feeble light can barely pass.

The ground is raked by rabid beaks,
like scalpels, slicing rain-soaked earth.
The tranquil morning-after reeks

of corpses left in winged wake.
The wails shred sound, but soon are lost
like ripples on a massive lake.

We walk on thorns with weighted chain
and no one leaves devoid of pain.

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