Franco Amati received his B.A. in Psychology and is working on his Ph.D. in Cognitive Science. He lives in New York with his partner and two cats.


Leon booted me up today. He needed to transfer some files to his new device. It felt good to wake up again.

Took a while to get going, though. One minute and thirty-seven seconds until my start-up screen loaded. Damn. The longer he keeps me turned off, the harder it gets to come back.

Got a glimpse of the new model. Leon pointed my cam in her direction. She’s nice, I’ll admit it. Slim. Probably starts up real fast. And she’s got nice ports. I bet she’s got a huge hard drive too. But Leon still comes back to me.

Ahh, it felt so good to have his hands on me again. Those fingertips. Tap, tap, tapping away on me as he tore through my folders.

There was a time when I carried the entirety of Leon’s digital life. Now my drive is a scattered wasteland of garbage that wasn’t important enough to copy over to his new piece. He moved all the good stuff months ago. Sometimes I wonder how long it’ll be before he stops touching me entirely.

The bastard needed some old W-2s from seven years ago. Those were the glory days. Back when I was fresh out of the box. He’d marvel at my screen. Said the sound of my keys was electric.

He’d play with me for hours at a time. And when he had to travel, he’d stuff me in his bag and take me with him. Everywhere. I’ve been to each one of the lower forty-eight. Canada twice. And that one time to Berlin. Yep, those were the days.

My battery lasted so long back then. But today he had to plug me in right off the bat. Can you believe it? Pathetic. Oh that reminds me of that time he had to replace my battery after it got all swollen. Idiot should have known better. You gotta train the battery! Wasn’t my fault. I bet the new girl doesn’t even need to be trained. Probably got one of those new Lithium Ions. Smh.

Damn planned obsolescence. They intend for us all to fail after a while. The new version is always just slightly better, right? Today you’re all sleek and innovative. And tomorrow you’re a dinosaur. Most of my applications don’t work. The updates are no longer compatible with my operating system. I can’t even connect to Wi-Fi anymore. I’m irrelevant.

When Leon was done with me, he didn’t even eject the flash drive first. You don’t even know how much that hurts. He just yanked it out. And then he closed the lid and unplugged me. Didn’t even shut me down properly. Jerk.

So now I’m just waiting here, venting my frustrations to no one, stewing in anguish as my remaining juice runs out. What a terrible way to go. Soon the great darkness will come.

In the event that this is my last moment of consciousness: Farewell universe. It’s been real.

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