If God & Satan Were Pals

Andreas Block is a young transfeminine writer based in the Chicagoland area, pursuing a BA in Creative Writing at Beloit College. They enjoy exploring a wide range of genres in their writing, from poetry to sketch comedy. They are also a performer, having acted in a number of theater productions throughout their collegiate career.

If God
& Satan
Were Pals

What if when God wrote the world
He gave Satan the pen for a bit
& that angel had some clever ideas
like poisoned fangs & forbidden trees & Kalashnikovs
& God saw that it was good?

What if Satan ate lollipops
& God tripped the odd old lady,
or sometimes Satan fed orphans fish & bread
while God drooled a fat glob of spittle into their soup
& on special occasions they’d pull some big prank together,
like Sodom or Pompei or Hiroshima?

What if the world is me strapped to a table
with God & Satan taking turns as the operators,
Satan tearing out my rib & making nothing with it,
& God sprinkling soft downy sugar on my tongue,
Satan plunging a stake through my skin & bone into my throbbing heart,
& God singing a quiet little song that tickles my ear drum,
& sometimes they switch hats just to keep me guessing which one is which?

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