The Clean Bugs, The Dirty Carpet

The Clean Bugs, The Dirty Carpet

The trending of past negative scars,

the warzone isn’t out there
it’s in here,

the armed militant swans
of the underground resistance
have bad credit
and worse mannerisms,

ghetto apartments inside of
the unknown
and Terminus City
are doorways to the abyss
and anti-social personality disorders,

funerals for forgotten childhoods
and friends that are

the fascist class room
fuehrer is illiterate and
reads Latin,

the wiretaps on all
vintage rotary phones
confess nightly deadly sins,

the war crimes against
my docile mannequin body
are rarely prosecuted at
The Hague,

feed me
stolen 14 gauge
hypodermic needles
hiding thermodynamic formulas and
cheap plasma addictions,

birthday cards are addressed,

to no one

Che Guevara
neon cockroaches
filed teeth
broken ribs
and conflict,

the trending of future negative scars,

the warzone isn’t out there
it’s in here.

Brett Stout is a 40-year-old writer and artist originally from Atlanta, GA. He is a high school dropout and former construction worker turned college graduate and paramedic. He writes now while mainly hung-over on white lined paper in a small cramped apartment in Myrtle Beach, SC. He has published several novels of prose and poetry including Lab Rat Manifesto, and has been featured in a vast range of various media including Brown University and the University of California.

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