Animal Rage

Animal Rage

Howl my grief, roar my rage.
Shake the bars of my technological cage.

Hoo, hoo, like an owl. I blink at a never-changing screen.
I want to pummel the keyboard and anything in between.

Rip the serpentlike phone cord right out of the wall.
My new Internet provider isn’t fastest at all!

The perfume of burnt wires would be aromatherapy to me.
All the multicolored innards could deck my Christmas tree.

As I sloth here all day, getting decrepit and hoary,
My laptop is never going to load the darn story.

Here endeth the lesson as I return—dust to dust.
Skip dial-up; wireless is a must!

Jodi Adamson is a pharmacist living in Alabama, the state that recently celebrated its 200th birthday. She is the author of The Ten Commandments For Pharmacists ( 2010), illustrated by Stacey Hopson—a humorous look at the world of pharmacy dos and don’ts. In her spare time, Jodi reads, writes, and designs and sews costumes.  Her poetry, essays, and short stories have been published in several online and written journals as well as in some anthologies. Lately, she has been crafting wire jewelry while trying to keep her Yorkiepoo and her cat from using the excess wire as a chew toy.

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