The REDRUM of Gray Matter and Oxidized Crows

The REDRUM of Gray Matter and Oxidized Crows

Postmodern dinosaurs
can now read
fluent Times New Roman
and the New York Times,

the idiocy peninsula
is surrounding me
on all three

information is the enemy

the body,

the devil,

the mother,

the degeneration of it all,

the passion of
past restraining orders
and future serial killers,

I should’ve had a
back-alley lobotomy
to match your previous
orange winter abortions,

sustainably sourced
a decaying spring
and recyclable rotting teeth,

the dripping white fangs of a perverse
new American dream,

now texting
blocked numbers
and open cerebellums,

West Virginia is now so
heroin chic,

caravan warnings
choking victims
Mayans and refunds
need not apply.

Brett Stout is a 40-year-old writer and artist originally from Atlanta, GA. He is a high school dropout and former construction worker turned college graduate and paramedic. He writes now while mainly hung-over on white lined paper in a small cramped apartment in Myrtle Beach, SC. He has published several novels of prose and poetry including Lab Rat Manifesto, and has been featured in a vast range of various media including Brown University and the University of California.


[image: Digital Death | Alex Solis]

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