Becoming Winter

Becoming Winter

has summer become your winter
does sun on your skin make you shiver
do happy voices and laughter drifting in
sound like a howling north wind to you

do you shut shutters
close windows
pull down the shades
curl up inside
while leaves and flowers are unfurling

June, July and August
just waiting
for all that brilliance to fade to gray

missing the silence
of empty houses
wishing everyone would go away

or at least it would rain

Mirana Comstock is an award-winning writer, photographer and musician. She has won multiple Best of Fest screenwriting awards from international film festivals. Her photographs are in the collections of the 9/11 Memorial Museum and the NY Historical Society and she exhibits frequently in NY and the Boston area. She has also created national ad campaigns for such clients as Timberland, Seagram’s and JBL. A Juilliard-trained musician, she is currently mixing new music as singer/songwriter/keyboardist for alt dance duo Theory of Tides. Her work as a lyricist and a photographer’s eye for detail are both strong influences on her poetic voice.

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