Let Things Slide in Corona Time

Let Things Slide in Corona Time

Does the dust on the table matter
so much? If the sun filtering
through window highlights neglect.

Do I count days from my last hairwash?
When it hangs in locks of dread
and the mirror declares it’s time.

Vacuum up dog hair? So grateful
to have dogs, comics who sleep
in sunspots or watch for squirrels to pass.

Wash the blue bowl where dragons dance
to have it for the next helping of rice and beans.
Let roasting pans soak overnight.

No one comes to the door.
The mail person knocks once and runs.
The dogs continue to bark as if

nothing has changed.
I can postpone crying
until tomorrow.

Tricia Knoll is distancing alone (but with two dogs) in a house in the Vermont woods. Much of her poetry is available to read at triciaknoll.com.

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