Noting the Excessives

Noting the Excessives

We are the feeble,
living on an oily, zit faced,
nicotine stained bowling ball,
the one spinning and hurling
in the gut of a steel
cobalt blue sky.

We are the jolly simpletons
stuck babysitting ourselves
with the keys to the asylum
tucked neatly beneath our
slick and lying tongues.

We are the commandeers
who expect the best from
our words and our wishes,
writing down the gospel,
but doing so in simple terms
so that everyone can sigh together.

Summoned by the brimming cup,
the barrels of sugar and salt
and the endless borrowings
of ideas and images not our own,
we quietly drive ourselves deeper
into the pitfalls of human despair.

Look upon the here and the now,
our hopes are disguised
with the all natural farm raised
bravado and magic that somehow
never allows us the understanding
that no real magic exists.

And with that, there comes
yet another excessive observation;

that all of this is only going to be
bound for plain and simple ruin,
an uncomplicated complexion
free of garbage and debris,
the clumps of manmade fodder
nowhere to be seen, in hindsight,
perhaps the most beautiful face of all.

Jeremy Szuder is a born and bred California native, raised with a tender and dedicated loyalty to the arts. His poems have been published in; Bitchin’ Kitsch, The Taj Mahal Review, The Metaworker, The Mojave Heart, October Hill, The Pangolin Review, Scriblerus, Harbinger Asylum, The Hungry Chimera, Homesick Zine, Vext, Vox Poetica, Wink Writers, and Fine Print Literary and Visual Arts Publication. Szuder lives in Glendale California.

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