Ocean City

Ocean City

I’m on a fifth-story
hotel balcony
at the crack of dawn

staring past a row of rental properties
toward vast waters beyond,

as I wonder
what ghosts lie
on the hungover streets below.

What sort of jukebox jive
or inebriated high
did that last breeze carry through?

It’s a mid-summer den,
a damn hotbed,
of debauchery and sin

on this morning after Friday night,
just as Saturday begins.

Kyle Kutz is a semi-recent graduate of Kutztown University, earning his B.A. in professional writing. His work has appeared in numerous publications, such as Better Than Starbucks!, Expressions, Essence, Shoofly, WORK, Visitant, Aberration Labyrinth, and The Big Windows Review. He resides in Lancaster, PA, and writes for LNP.

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