Annie Dillard’s Weasel

Annie Dillard’s Weasel

contemplates the umwelt of John Lennon.
Having seized its last muskrat
the weasel rides to heaven
on a trail of half-eaten flesh and bones.
Once arrived, its esteem for wildness fades
and its true nature is revealed.
It wakes from an aphantasic nightmare
baser instincts melt away,
the tacit animal-self vanishes.
No longer does it grasp
at the necessities of the species.
It is a mind-warrior, a mental guerilla.
Shining on in the infiniteness of its new form,
it turns to the keeper at the gate and says,
“I must talk to George immediately.”

Lara Dolphin is a recovering attorney, novice nurse, and full-time mother of four amazing kids; she is exhausted and elated most of the time. 

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