Hand held eyes
head unencumbered
telepathic, no need for speech
hovering instead of walking
how many babies? How many pets?
photosynthetic? Photovoltaic?

No names needed
world long enclosed
beyond behind beneath believing

When electromagnetic waves outnumber the oceans’
outnumber the pollen and spores in the air
so many messages never intended to blossom
allergies are opportunities, keeping us screenbound
as future generations with smaller faster fingers
as we get more micro than macro
AI telling me my odds of a safe lunch

Dan Raphael feels most fortunate to have had two poetry collections published in 2020: Moving with Every, from Flowstone Press, in June; and Starting Small, from Alien Buddha Press, in October. Other recent poems appear in Unlikely StoriesCathexis NW, Mad Swirl and Blue Pepper. Most Wednesdays, Dan writes and records a current events poem for The KBOO Evening News.

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