She Applies Imagination in Times of Uncertainty

She Applies Imagination in Times of Uncertainty

Near the pressed powder
next to the mascara
the one packaged in pink
she looks for her Raspberry Rush.
The cylinder brightens by the liner
becomes a beacon beside the blush
where the concealer hides
as the tweezers glisten atop the 20x mirror.
She removes the cap
turns the case—
ah, the scent of fruit
and flower
aluminum lake.
After inhaling its fragrance
applying its luster
she closes her eyes.
Lake Michigan shines.
It’s spring in Door County.
The peninsula bursts with arctic primrose
cherry blossom
trailing arbutus
where lake iris gladden in lavender-blue.
She imagines this place—
then sees her mother
recalls her words as she lay in a hospital bed
have you found it, yet—my tube of lipstick?

Jeannie E. Roberts has authored four poetry collections and two children’s books. She’s an animal lover, a nature enthusiast, light and goodness seeker. She’s also reader and poetry editor of the online literary magazine Halfway Down the Stairs. When she’s not reading, writing, or editing, you can find her drawing and painting, or outdoors photographing her natural surroundings.

3 thoughts on “She Applies Imagination in Times of Uncertainty

  1. The first time I read I cried…the second time I sobbed. . My Mom wore lipstick all the time. It was important to her….
    Until the day she died.

    Liked by 1 person

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