1) keep listing main bankrollers destroying Nature: boycott

2) advocate “ignorance-based world view” a la Wes Jackson and Wendell Berry: elaborate
& celebrate

3) UCS clubs @ colleges and universities designing lively biology curricula pre-K thru PhD:
NO to gene splicing

4) support J. Hagelin proposals: no more cyclotrons

5) meditate on Higgs boson: don’t agitate it

6) separate good science from bad tech

7) unite good joyous science with diverse pagan religions

8) edit journals of techno damage, one for each dismal science

8) fill a shelf of books on necessary moratoria

10) monthly Ethics Panel reports required from each of the 500 largest corporations where
sin gets lost in bureaucracy

11) keep fact-checking G. Bateson’s autocatalytics and J. Rifkin’s exponentials and
entropic trends

12) instigate prayer meetings toward quick and final collapse
of debt-based capitalism

other suggestions? please drop us a line today

Charlie Keil is a musician, cultural anthropologist, and activist who has published many books, including Urban BluesTiv Song: The Sociology of Art in a Classless SocietyPolka HappinessMusic Grooves (with Steven Feld), and Bright Balkan Morning: Romani Lives and the Power of Music in Greek Macedonia (with Dick Blau, Angeliki Vellou Keil, and Steven Feld). Born to Groove, previously published online, is coming out as a book in 2021. Polka Theory: Perspectives on the Will to Party will also be published in 2021. Keil is a professor emeritus at the State University of New York at Buffalo. His biography can be summed up in books that have prepared him for versifying and improvised musicking in service to our true species—Humo ludens collaborans. Poems are from his new poetry collection, Easily Pleased

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