The Search

The Search

I squirrel for your key among the bird routes
and airplane flights in the blue hummed daylight.
I dig for you in lowest drawers of desks
where duties cement my legs and
cubicles encompass what’s left.

If life ever careens through, we could
rendezvous in dialogue at night’s dock.
As stowaways in bed, we might kiss
and kite our private lightening
into the bugle-blare of dawn.

The day, that stranger’s drawbridge,
draws down again into its locks.
Who will emerge to see my key
and touch us into a two-way mirror?

G. H. Mosson is the author of four books and chapbooks of poetry, including Family Snapshot as a Poem in Time (Finishing Line, 2019), and coauthor of the forthcoming Simultaneous Revolutions (PM Press, 2021). His poetry and literary commentary have appeared in The Evening Street Review, Measure, The Tampa Review, Smartish Pace, Free State Review, Rattle, and The Cincinnati Review, and received four Pushcart Prize nominations. He has a BA in English from Portland State University and an MA from the Johns Hopkins Writing Seminars, where he was a teaching fellow and lecturer. An attorney since 2012 he enjoys raising his children, hiking, and reading.

[image: Key | Bita Mohabbati]

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