Dear Type-A Friend,

Dear Type-A Friend,

This is to let you know I’m newly funemployed.
I’ve grown weary of the restless noise
of earth, so I plan to gadabout the universe
in search of alternatives to humanoids.
Perhaps I’ll terraform an asteroid
and confirm the latest scientific claims
it contains quintillions in gold.
I’ll appoint myself its CEO
and send you a prospectus once
I’ve penciled out investment strategies.
In the meantime, feel free to take
treasures from my condo.
The Hunan prints might intrigue,
as well as the Queen Anne dining set,
shelves of eclectic books,
and perennials potted on the patio.
Set my telescope in your backyard and aim
it toward the space between Jupiter and Mars.
You may see my new digs weaving
through the star-clogged sky.
If I find the time, I’ll wave.

Previously published in Jam and Sand.

From associate professor of English to management trainer to retiree, Carolyn Martin is a lover of gardening and snorkeling, backyard birds and feral cats, writing and photography. Her poems have appeared in more than 135 journals throughout North America, Australia, and the UK. She is currently the poetry editor of Kosmos Quarterly: journal for global transformation. 

[image: Astral Bodies I – Pilar Zeta]

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