This morning I read about sex toys
a design student was creating for old people
(defined as those over fifty),
a market he felt was overlooked.
One concept was a steel ear trumpet
to listen to a lover’s heart.

You have been gone for many years
but I still feel the warmth of your soft sternum
pressed against my cheek, still hear
your drumbeat vibrating through my bones,
still taste the salt.

I need nothing to magnify this morning’s silence.
Each day I hope a thrum will sound my chamber
more than an echo, not my own.

Ivana Mestrovic has worked in arts management for sculptor Mark di Suvero for over thirty years and runs his Spacetime Studio. Ivana also sits on the boards of Socrates Sculpture Park, The Athena Foundation, and the little OPERA theatre of ny.  Her work has appeared in Brief Wilderness, Doubly Mad, Oxidant Engine, and will be published in Evening Street Review next year. She is working on her first collection of poems.

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