I saw you pluck a piece of sapling from the hills
A present, I don't know,
A sun-scorched story,
                          A tale
A massive ambience of the liquid time.

But the manner you beheld it
Like you could see through its bare bones,
If you lick up the juice, now and then.

Many times I wonder what side of the tale
I am telling.
Or if that matters at all. And what wilds
Germinate on this arid mountain or next.
I know if the air chooses to swim in the ruins
To an unknowable degree—

To mold, to draw, to create.

Now are we the molten brass
Because of the wax around the candle.

Nattie O’Sheggzy is a consummate poet who has been writing poetry and short stories for more than two decades. Nattie’s works have appeared in online platforms, anthologies: CHRISTMAS IN OUR HEARTS (An Orphan’s Christmas Carol), A BOWL OF PEACE (P E A C E), UNilVERSITY OF LIFE. Being a versatile weaver of words, his poems have featured in Brave Voices Poetry Journal, AFRICA WRITERS CARAVAN Medium, Universul Culturii, and Spillwords. Nattie has published his first poetry book, Random Imaginations (Amazon). He is working on second book for publication.

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