When the End is Near

When the End is Near

I don’t know what to expect
because I never died before.
Maybe I will be greeted by
A pair of blue unicorns or
a rainbow and a waterfall
or colorful birds singing my
favorite tunes or I might see
a night sky filled with stars
I once saw on a summer night,
only now I will finally get to see
the man in the moon releasing
all those silvery shooting stars.
I will follow the boy scout motto,
and “Be Prepared” with a compass,
penknife and waterproof matches
to find my way in infinite space.
Now I can hear the voices of people
who ever loved me cheering me on—
celebrating what they call:
“Your Ultimate Graduation”

Milton P. Ehrlich, Ph.D. is a 90-year-old psychologist and a veteran of the Korean War who has published many poems in periodicals such as the Poetry Review, London Grip, Red Wheelbarrow, Wisconsin Review, Christian Science Monitor and the New York Times.

[image: “Rainbow Death” | Rob Sheridan]

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