while I search for signs of life
on all my devices
so many ways to stay silent

presumes you’re coming back
if only in dreams or memories

maybe that’s why I continue
to play these games
in reality they actually can
and he cannot

Mirana Comstock is an award-winning writer, photographer and musician.Her photographs are in the collections of the 9/11 Memorial Museum and the NY Historical Society and she has exhibited in NY and the Boston area. She has also created national ad campaigns for such clients as Timberland, Seagram’s and JBL. A Juilliard-trained musician, she is currently mixing new music as singer/songwriter/ keyboardist for Theory of Tides. Her work as a lyricist and a photographer’s eye for detail are both strong influences on her poetic voice. Poetry magazines she has been published in include: VisitantMain Street Rag, Evening Street Press, Alexandria Quarterly, Door is a Jar, Euphony Journal, Nebo Literary Journal, Pudding Magazine, Magnolia Journal, Sanskrit Literary-Arts Journal and Poetry Quarterly.

[image: I love snapchat | Thought Catalog]

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