On Vulnerability

When I knew I was finally being allowed to transfer from the shitty high school I had attended in Gresham, Oregon for two years to have the privilege of riding transit an hour everyday to my new high school in Portland, I started writing stuff on my arms. With a solid five years of bullying […]

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Do Something About It

Fourteen months ago I wrote an essay that appeared on Gawker.com as a response to the Newtown shootings. I wanted people to know what it felt like to be shot while you were at elementary school, as I was subject to a drive-by shooting at my elementary school in 1995 orchestrated by teenagers—teenagers that actually […]

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The Real Game of Life

When Rich Peverley collapsed and had to be resuscitated in the tunnel behind the bench during the March 10th Dallas Stars and Columbus Blue Jackets NHL game, his extreme medical emergency didn’t just draw massive attention because everyone thought they’d just watched a hockey player die live on TV. It also set off an unprecedented […]

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An AWP Wrap-Up

It’s been less than a week since AWP 2014 wrapped this year in Seattle. The hangover is finally gone, my bags are finally unpacked and the list of books mentioned throughout the conference have been purchased. With a bit of distance from the debauchery, I present to you my AWP wrap-up, in a best of/worst […]

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Victim Blaming 101

Step 1: Gaslight a seven year old. Step 2: Even when they’re grown up and recount the story of their abuse, tell them they’ve been brainwashed and could never have actually been abused. Step 3: When in doubt, blame the abuse accusation from a child on an adult woman (in this case, the mother), or […]

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“Beautiful and Brainy”

Madison Holleran was a 19-year old University of Pennsylvania student and a promising track star at her university, until a week ago, when she threw herself off a parking garage in Philadelphia. Many young adults commit suicide everyday, but interestingly Madison’s death was reported in cities where seemingly she had a very small, or even […]

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Tell Them You’re An Introvert

The Internet has been inundated this year with the same link-baiting articles about how to tell if you’re an introvert, how to handle your introvert loved one, what introverts are really thinking, which of your favorite dead celebrities were introverts, if introversion was a One Direction song which would it be and so on and […]

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