Silence is Deadly

Someone else I know killed himself recently. This now makes three since May. I’m starting to become so used to this that one of my first thoughts was at least this one didn’t jump off a bridge. I’m not apathetic; I’m just so goddamn tired of losing my friends and I’m fully expecting yet another […]

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A Complicated Mourning

When Nick Flynn posted on Facebook that his father had passed away on Sunday, I realized that I’ve never really written much about how much his memoir about the two of them had really influenced my own writing and my own life. Another Bullshit Night in Suck City is Nick Flynn’s memoir about his complicated […]

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The Homecoming Parade

This post was originally created and submitted for a project at the Grin City Collective’s Artist Residency Program, in which we were asked to cover some aspect of the Grinnell High School Homecoming festivities. For more information on the Grin City Artist Residency program check out: A month after my grandfather moved back to Pella […]

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The Escalator

When you get to Des Moines’ Airport you have to take an escalator down from your terminal to the baggage claim area. Those eight or ten other times I’ve come through here before, it turned into a game; a game to see how long it would take for me to catch a glimpse of his […]

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Entitlement Wears Luon

A few dozen of us milled around the lobby of the Millennium Place to hear Rameen Peyrow (the founder of SATTVA Yoga in Edmonton) lecture in a small theater on the future of yoga in the west. This was one of many events at the Wanderlust Yoga and Music Festival in Whistler, British Columbia. As […]

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The Puppets of Periodicals

When I was fifteen all of my favorite writers were men. I deliberately shunned writing by women because they were overwrought with sentimentality and flowery feelings. I wanted grit. I wanted edge. I wanted provocative. I wanted to read the works of writing that made me want to throw up my middle finger along with […]

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The Message You’re Sending

Living in Portland you have to know the name James Chasse. You must know that police tackled Chasse, who was a paranoid-schizophrenic, in front of restaurants in the Pearl District. You must have heard that the three police officers involved alleged that Chasse was urinating when they went to approach him, while many eye witnesses […]

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