The Worst Birthday

Originally, this entry was going to be about how much I love October, and how it’s my birthday month and I planned to write about all the amazing birthday parties I used to throw and yada yada yada. But, recalling all of these memories I’m realizing the actual planning and hosting of these parties had […]

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Brief Beauty

Modern music never has the ability to truly possess me. Not the way “Bookends” by Simon and Garfunkel can possess me as it spins on a turntable. Not the way “Like a Rolling Stone” by Bob Dylan can possess me as I accelerate up the ramp to Highway 1 with California sun peeking over the […]

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My First Night in Brooklyn

Everyone’s always talked about how magical Brooklyn is in the fall. I never understood why until I lived here. It’s a fresh season—rooftops are abandoned, littered with reminisces of carefree summer hangouts as artists return to their drawing boards. Muted guitar riffs and drum beats echo through the walls as musicians return to their studios […]

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