You Too Can Find Something Creepy at Your Local Community College

THE PURVEYOR After theater professor Adair Wilson unwittingly assists in the abduction of two Pittock students, she sets out on a death-defying quest to rescue the twin girls whose rare anatomical quirk makes them a target for paparazzi and fetishists. When Adair’s wealthy family refuses to help and the girls’ family denies their existence, Adair […]

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Am I Provincial?

The Purveyor 30-Day Video Blog, Day 19 Am I Provincial? I was inspired to create the Purveyor 30-Day Video Blog project after hearing Allison Moon’s keynote speech at the Write to Publish conference at Portland State University. She talked about sharing her journey as a self-published author through video blogs. I thought I would do […]

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You Are Not Your Rejections

  “I got my third rejection letter,” my friend says to me mournfully. “This process is ridiculous.” He wants to wrap a typewritten copy of his manuscript in old newspaper, send it to Random House, and become the next Hemingway. He has told me this. “My story is just not relevant anymore.” He sighs. “Who […]

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A Gay Wedding at Cana

I remember the day Constitutional Amendment 36 passed, limiting marriage in Oregon to one man and one woman. I was on I-5. A man in a white sedan zipped past my car and gestured. Ever the optimist, I thought it must be a friend who had recognized me on the road, but he was waving […]

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Am I Good Enough?

I was speaking at a local high school about writing. Afterward, a girl came up to me with a notebook of handwritten poems. She showed them to me shyly and asked, “Are they good enough?” I didn’t need to read them to know that they were good enough. She was fifteen. She had a dream. […]

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