The Reality Dilemma

People either love or despise reality television. The dilemma is that this form of entertainment remains socially relevant and informs Americans of their values. Perceptions of popular culture and our assumptions about our values are influenced by television and the manner that it echoes our own behaviors and pastimes. There are realities on the other […]

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On Letting Go: Part Two

Read part one from December 7 here. Finally, after I left my first husband and was remarried to my second husband for ten years, and raising our young daughter, I went back to school at the age of 35 in 2001. My younger sister made an effort to appear happy for me at the time, […]

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On Letting Go: Part One

Unhealthy family dynamics revolve around the expectations they place on their children to compensate for their own inadequacies and failures. This results in destroyed sibling relationships, and continuous estrangement over years that is rarely, if ever, understood. When these social dynamics cause a person nothing but pain, do you sometimes wonder what you should do? […]

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Mind Your Own Business

When Multnomah County Commissioner Jeff Cogen’s two-year relationship with Sonia Manhas became publicly known recently, it was astonishing to see the public immediately go on a vicious attack. Cogen, a once respected politician who had served Portland’s community of low-income and under-served populations had been attacked and called all manner of horrible names on various Internet chat rooms, falling from grace to become the […]

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The Packwood Syndrome

What springs to mind when the name Bob Packwood is mentioned in conversation? Do you recall the successful political career he had as a United States senator? Do you ponder the interesting fact that he became the first Senate Republican to support Nixon’s impeachment in 1973? Or, when Packwood’s name is brought up do you […]

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