How to Be Famous

  It was the coldest day of the year. My wife and I sat at a table at Embers drag club, watching the leaves swirl in little tornadoes on the street outside. “Are you nervous?” my wife asked. “No,” I lied. We were waiting for the Tegan and Sara concert at the Roseland Theater. Sara […]

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Great Minds Think Musically

Expect some magic Friday night at Femm-EDM, the all-women musical and artistic showcase at Dantes in Portland featuring HOPSCOTCH, Acoustic Minds, Laura Ivancie and DJ Tracy.  Vocalist and producer HOPSCOTCH, in town for the final stop on her latest tour, has received well-deserved national attention for her sound: a blend of raw but dreamy vocals, synth, […]

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Goodbye, Genie

I am no authority on suicide. I have no degree or license in counseling. I have no training. I have never been on the receiving end of a hotline. I have never seriously considered suicide (suicidal ideation is not the same). Nor have I ever helped a friend live to the other end of a […]

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You Too Can Find Something Creepy at Your Local Community College

THE PURVEYOR After theater professor Adair Wilson unwittingly assists in the abduction of two Pittock students, she sets out on a death-defying quest to rescue the twin girls whose rare anatomical quirk makes them a target for paparazzi and fetishists. When Adair’s wealthy family refuses to help and the girls’ family denies their existence, Adair […]

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Khaleesi Blankenbiller

Khaleesi Blankenbiller. The words roll off my tongue like TV static and fax machine sounds. To be fair, any name paired with Blankenbiller is an anti-poem. The hefty, blunt German moniker sounds like a tuba solo following a ballerina. I flirt with striking the last name from my record by flipping back to my dainty […]

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