Girl on Girl: Lidia Yuknavitch

I first knew Lidia Yuknavitch (author of The Chronology of Water and, most recently, Dora: A Headcase) would be my sex writing soulmate when I heard her speak on the subject at last fall’s Wordstock Literary Festival, where she sat on a panel with other writers who discussed sex’s place in writing. She was the champion for straightforward sex–in writing and […]

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Dirty Talk with Matthew Dickman

Matthew Dickman, poet, author of the recent collection Mayakovsky’s Revolver, and very brave man, agreed to talk with me about sex…and writing. Before we began the interview, he read “Four Switches,” a four-part poem he wrote while living alone for a month in Marfa, Texas and not having any sex at all. Matthew was thinking […]

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We Demand to Amuse You

If you’re Elissa Bassist, good fodder for some future story might include your apartment building catching on fire, being on Vicodin for a month (due to a back injury that was incurred after attempting a back flip “like the one Robyn does in the “Call Your Girlfriend” video), and sequestering yourself away from contact with […]

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Writers in Love

I’ve got a thing for infrastructure. It isn’t as serious as what George Saunders referred to as “a Hemingway boner,” but I do get a little carried away by the weave of steel beams, and by the idea that minute calculations prevent thousands of tons of, say, a bridge, from collapsing. “People ask me about […]

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Girl on Girl: Kerry Cohen

Author, teacher, and psychotherapist Kerry Cohen made her name when she released Loose Girl: A Memoir of Promiscuity in 2008. Her memoir laid bare her sexual experiences as a teenager and twenty-something. This daring non-fiction debut introduced Kerry as a writer not afraid to explore the less pretty sides of sexuality. When we met in […]

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A Feminist Publisher

The same year that Seal Press was founded as an independent publisher of books “by women, for women,” the first class of women was inducted into the United States Naval Academy and Barbara Walters was named the first woman co-anchor of the nightly news. Women Studies programs were populating across the country and more woman […]

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Feminists Printing

When I came across the Dead Feminists Series over the holidays, it was in an echoing room in the Oregon Convention Center for Portland’s Crafty Wonderland holiday fair. The table showcasing the work of Anagram Press and Springtide Press, owned by Tacoma-based Chandler O’Leary and Jessica Spring (respectively), was overrun with craft-loving customers, so I […]

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Girl on Girl: Chloe Caldwell

Chloe Caldwell, essayist, part-time Powell’s employee, author of last year’s collection, Legs Get Led Astray, and all-around amazing woman, sat down with me in December (in Cheryl Strayed’s house of all places—she was housesitting while the Wild author was on vacation) and talked about sex. Oh, and writing. Here is our interview for the inaugural […]

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