What types of submissions are you interested in receiving?

We are interested in the following submissions:

  • Literature that defies the notion of a “single story”
  • Writing that explores personification and the animation of inanimate things: the ghost in a machine, the responses and sounds and interactions we have with technology.
  • Multimedia essays that explore how sound, visual artforms and written words mold each other
  • Meditations on one’s relationship to the external world and/or to inner life, the human connection/disconnection to nature, ecopoetics and the environmental crisis, and writing or images with an ecological emphasis or message.
  • Writing that examines the intersections between race, class, gender, sexual orientation, and disability.
  • Experimental fiction and literary genre fiction (sci fi, speculative, horror, suspense)
  • Literature that explores one’s identity to their body and/or sexuality.
  • Evaluative nonfiction writing that goes beyond the personal essay (Explicit Violence; Why We Leave Flowers).
  • Left behind or left out stories that do not seem to be sedate enough to fit any other literary journals. We welcome you here.

Ready to submit? See our Submission Guidelines.