The Break-Up Letter

Dear Tucson, You’re probably wondering why I didn’t say goodbye. You’re probably upset, and I understand how you would feel that way. If you step back from your raw emotion, however, I think that you’ll start to see the rivets in our lives that led us here. We weren’t happy, Tucson. Not together. I know […]

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Death and Arizona

Tombstone, Arizona is as pathetic as a tourist trap can get, its inauthenticity reeking like drugstore cologne up and down both sides of the freeway. I’m not being cynical; I love a good souvenir stand, a notable place to snap a picture. But I like to be lured with finesse and charm, my debit card […]

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Eliza in Spring

When I was in middle school, my hobby was writing terrible historical fiction. There was the time-traveling doomed romance on the Titanic, and the Oregon Trail epic with no plot. But the tale I thought  was going to change the American literature landscape was my revolutionary war novel, Eliza Jane. Eliza became a spy for […]

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