Kaitlyn Gaffney is a north Jersey poet and senior Writing major at Rowan University. She serves as a poetry editor for Glassworks Magazine. Her work is published in Avant Literary Magazine, The Rising Phoenix Review, and forthcoming in Gone Lawn. She has produced two original plays through Rowan. Rest-less She pulls at herself every day, […]

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A Chain

Every skinny morning’s first minutes wade through nagging thoughts On the top of every month like clockwork She thinks she thinks she thinks you are both still fasting As if every woman ticks From the same town As if you all heave the same weight from the neck As if your mothers fed you the […]

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Is Frozen Good or Bad for Girls?

I’d like you to picture a 37-year-old woman jumping around her kitchen, raising her arms in the air as she belts out, “Let It Go.” She twirls her children in a waltz and claps in excitement alongside her 3-year-old daughter when, “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” comes on next. I’m not exactly proud […]

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WTF, Jez? The Lena Dunham Debacle

Wanting to look nice isn’t a character flaw. It doesn’t mean you hate yourself, or you’re judgmental of other people’s appearances, or any number of superficial shames. Photoshop and Instagram, with their light-bending and pimple erasures, are not inherently evil. When used sparingly, they can elevate the raw material that a basic camera produces and make […]

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Wendy Wept

I don’t know how I ended up watching the season finale of South Park, which originally aired on December 11th. Retracing my steps, it looks like I was in a gulley between American Horror Story: Coven and The Daily Show, and the cartoon seemed more appealing than a Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives rerun. This particular […]

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