Fat Trek

I stumble over oak roots
on my fat trek down to the lake,
ignore jingling ice cream vendors,
Dunkin’ Donuts shops, Krispy
Kreme allure.

Rorschach patterns on my back,
I stop for water at a tactile
stone bubbler, not distracted
by the lemonade fountains,
root beer floats or sugared
hyacinth teas and I avoid
I-HOP for lunch.

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While driving to dinner with my sister and her friend, we started talking about our summer fitness goals. My ever-busy sister said she’d be happy just to make it to yoga and go kickboxing with her boyfriend on the weekends. Her friend said she wanted to drop down to 145 lbs. “Me too,” I said. “I’m […]

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Fat Girl Thin

I’m 32 years old and, aside from a few years in High School, I’ve been fat my whole life.  My mother likes to say I’m a “sturdy girl.”  This pleases both of us, because it  forgives my fatness and conjures shared images of my hearty forebears digging potatoes from the icy ground and building craggy […]

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