Our Danny Petoskey

The anniversary of his death is the cruelest fishhook. Yanking us back, violently. When the days turn crisp, as they have now, when summer fades and autumn crawls into our tiny farming town—that’s when we most grieve our fallen classmate. One year we tried to ignore the date, but the hook came anyway and somehow was even more brutal. So now we meet it head on: we make a day of it. The downtown is strewn with somber-black ribbon. Coffee is shared and then, later, whiskey. We pass the yearbook, we muse, we moan. If a stranger such as you wanders by, the story is told in fullest detail.

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Super Sam

We’re watching the Ravens destroy the football team I grew up adoring in the 80s (Joe Montana + Jerry Rice = 49ers heartthrobs) when the announcers mildly mentioned that this 9-year-old girl, Samantha Gordon, was sitting next to NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell. Elfin Sam Gordon became popular through YouTube in November for scoring 35 touchdowns […]

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