Girl on Girl: Kate Bernheimer

About three years ago, I took a one-day workshop that studied how the fairy tale, an old and important form of storytelling, affects other writing, namely through structure. It was in that class that I was introduced to Kate Bernheimer’s work through her thoughtful essay “Fairy Tale is Form, Form is Fairy Tale.” As I […]

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A Girl on Girl Wish List

I’ve been writing the Girl on Girl series since the start of this year, and as I look back on the amazing women I’ve interviewed and the wise words they have shared, I am extremely thankful at my luck to have encountered so many inspiring people. Up next, I’ll share my interview with Kate Bernheimer, […]

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Girl on Girl: Dorianne Laux

I came to know Dorianne Laux’s poetry through a recommendation from another poet. Upon reading “The Lovers” (read it online here), I felt excited to find a writer who treated sex as more than a physical act, and in her writing as more than a cliche or a shock to get her audience’s attention. She […]

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Girl on Girl: Vanessa Veselka

What I like about Vanessa Veselka, besides her humor and social commentary, is that she’s not afraid to admit that she too struggles with writing about sex. The author of Zazen, which was nominated for the Ken Kesey Award for Fiction and won the 2012 PEN/Robert W. Bingham prize for fiction, is honest about the difficulties […]

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Girl on Girl: Lindsey Kugler

This past weekend, during a swelteringly hot spring day, I hid inside a coffee shop with Lindsey Kugler (as writers are wont to do) to discuss her recently published book, HERE, sexual exploration through writing, and N’Sync fan fiction (yep, that’s right). Is sex writing scary? No. I have been doing sex writing for a […]

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