Left of Gandhi

Sittin’ to the left of Gandhi
Peaceful intentions and all

Honolulu Zoo behind me
Girls playing volleyball
Beautiful ocean

Yet, the world burns in more ways than one

My wife in the water, with beautiful fish

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R.J. Zeman is a poet from Dunedin, Florida. He is a 2007 graduate of the Creative Writing program at F.S.U. Date I stare at a birthday card and smoke a Pall Mall. Thirty nine: all the pretty girls grew up, got married, got divorced. I see their pictures on Facebook; smiling lips, bags under green […]

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A Chain

Every skinny morning’s first minutes wade through nagging thoughts On the top of every month like clockwork She thinks she thinks she thinks you are both still fasting As if every woman ticks From the same town As if you all heave the same weight from the neck As if your mothers fed you the […]

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OK. I Wanted a Girl

When I was pregnant with my second, I had an eighteen month old son. I loved him with every ounce of my being, of course, and I loved that he was a boy. No real reason, except I didn’t know much about boys before him, and there was something about the discovery that was fascinating and fulfilling. But in […]

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Sorry, Girls. I’m Done.

Take it back, universe. Take back my Icona Pop “I Love It” download. Take back the fro-yo addiction. Take back all of my Girls defenses on Twitter, on my blog, in bar conversations, the think pieces. Let me hurl them at the window like so many Glaciology textbooks. SPOILER ALERT The third season of Girls […]

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WTF, Jez? The Lena Dunham Debacle

Wanting to look nice isn’t a character flaw. It doesn’t mean you hate yourself, or you’re judgmental of other people’s appearances, or any number of superficial shames. Photoshop and Instagram, with their light-bending and pimple erasures, are not inherently evil. When used sparingly, they can elevate the raw material that a basic camera produces and make […]

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Structures Surprise

Well I did it.  I made it through a term of graduate school as a mother of an infant.  I didn’t do it gracefully, but I did do it successfully.  My biggest worry this term was passing Structures.  We’re told the structures series is the hardest two courses we will take in architecture school.  I […]

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Starlet Celebrity

Hope we don’t have to sweep you up. You know, money comes from dust, from ground down paper like they’ve made you with folded tabs like paper dolls. Somewhere you know these wolves will grind your legs to dust. We learn it— girls get devoured if they don’t get old. Disappeared. Hag. Haggle. Wrinkle. Sold. […]

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Girlhood, an Object

I remember her in a steam of white chili chicken soup and salting fries and never eating the last two bites. She shrunk and shrunk. Honey, I was a Teenage Hatred. Voicemails on speaker after school at the ice cream shop, my friend said her boyfriend called ten times a day. So no breakfast or […]

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