Karl Miller’s fiction and poetry have appeared in numerous periodicals, including RE:AL, Portland Review, Subtle Tea, Cold Mountain Review and others; his play, “A Night in Ruins,” was produced Off Off Broadway in 2013.  A 2016 Best of the Net nominee, Miller lives in Coral Springs, FL. Edward emerges slowly from morphine into a soft, dreamy […]

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Yes, I’m Cissy Bales

Yes, I locked up Guilt in the north barn stall. Yes, I nailed a 2×4 across the latch and tacked up rusty barbed wire. Understand me. She arrived scratched and naked, claiming she’d been raped, her money gone on drugs. She claimed she had no one but me. She prefers going almost bare-assed. I can’t […]

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Packing Up

I’m packing for a move. My two housemates (who are a couple) bought a house farther east and I’m going with them. It won’t be convenient to get downtown, but I’ll have a garden to grow vegetables and flowers. My housemate says she enjoys getting ready for a move. She likes the getting rid of […]

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