Day of the Blackbirds

David Reuter is a New Jersey based poet. His work has been published in The Cape Rock, Existere Journal, Sanskrit Literary-Arts Magazine and Vox Poetica.  He attended William Paterson University’s Writer’s Conference in 2018 and Rutgers Writers’ Conferences in 2017, 2018 and 2019. He has a bachelor’s degree from Caldwell College, works as a paralegal and enjoys practicing martial arts, playing […]

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Free Sample

David Chorlton was born in Austria, grew up in rainy Manchester in England, and after spending most of the 1970s in Vienna he moved to Arizona. Since arriving in Phoenix he has pursued his writing, and been active in various capacities in the poetry world. The Bitter Oleander Press recently published his translations from the poetry of Austrian […]

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Agnes Person | Slipper Moon Apts.

Below is Part 21 of 23 monthly installments for Visitant. ◄◄ Read the prologue / introduction: Meet Agnes Person ◄ Read the previous installment | The Dodie Medallions 21 Slipper Moon Apts. Ground-floor studio, sunny garden, heat incl., pets ok. Classifieds in hand, hair square-baled, Agnes Person stands before the gracious old apartment building and wonders if […]

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The Darkening

The Darkening Summer’s fruit is rotting. I will use it to fertilize my seeds. When the world terrorizes me, I will hold up the mirror & ask: How do I terrorize myself? My path is strewn with bones. I will make a flute to play! Is magic, then, all in your head? wondered the initiate. […]

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Unconditionally Self-Aware

I didn’t nestle into the couch this Sunday night thinking that I was old. I mean, recounting the weekend, it becomes kind of obvious. I fell dead asleep on Friday night after two glasses of Angry Orchard hard cider with a shot of Fireball whiskey, collapsing into my bed between two cats and the same […]

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Sexy Fill-in-the-blank

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I have dressed up almost every single year and went trick or treating when I was a senior in high school. I enjoy getting a day to be anything you want to be, however outlandish it may be.  Unfortunately, Halloween has been taken over by the porn industry. As Kristen […]

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The Sexy Costume Conundrum

For a few years now, I’ve flirted with the idea of going as a psycho killer for Halloween.  The costume would consist of three main components: a bloodstained straitjacket, a half-mask (a la Hannibal Lecter), and a bloody knife or scalpel.  But when I set out to find a straitjacket costume in my size, I […]

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