Welcome to Visitant

Hello! On this most auspicious of days, I am pleased to announce the launch of Visitant (www.visitantlit.com), an international online literary outlet for emerging and established writers. With this site, we have created a home for experimental forms of expression, which includes fiction, nonfiction, translations, multimedia essays, poetry, art, and interviews. Visitant is a new […]

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Rebecca Pillsbury, author of the new book Finding Ecstasy, talks sex and self-publishing

It isn’t easy being a woman. Bombarded with repression and shame from religion, politics, and society at large, the notion of female sexuality has long been a guarded, even threatening topic. But not for Rebecca Pillsbury, author of the new memoir Finding Ecstasy: How Buenos Aires, a Brazilian, and the Blues Saved My Sex Life (and My […]

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Not Your Average Baby Mama

Eva Soni’s baby is a little different. At 3 1/2 months, her baby is already crawling, climbing, and doing pull-ups. Instead of gentle tickling and soft cooing, Eva’s baby enjoys biting. Like most infants, Eva’s enjoys affection and naps, but that won’t stop her from attacking Eva’s face—because Eva’s baby is a gorilla. Born on […]

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Girl on Girl: Chloe Caldwell

Chloe Caldwell, essayist, part-time Powell’s employee, author of last year’s collection, Legs Get Led Astray, and all-around amazing woman, sat down with me in December (in Cheryl Strayed’s house of all places—she was housesitting while the Wild author was on vacation) and talked about sex. Oh, and writing. Here is our interview for the inaugural […]

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