VIDA Count 2013

Women writers will get a little lift in their sails this week from the just-published VIDA Count for 2013. VIDA, a volunteer-run nonprofit that seeks equality in publishing, annually publishes pie charts that compare the rates at which men and women are published. This year’s VIDA Count examined the rates that women were published in […]

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Women Writers in Residence

When I caught up with Amy Wheeler for a profile in my women writers series, she was working on building a fire that would heat the dance hall she lives in on Whidbey Island near Hedgebrook. “Down here we’re so off the grid that we heat our big, huge, 100-year-old dance hall with a wooden […]

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VIDA Count 2013 Preview

Some things never change. In very recent history, male writers were published in major literary journals with greater frequency than women writers. Last year, the PDXX Collective brought you a response to an official count of this phenomenon as tabulated and published by VIDA, a national grassroots organization that investigates gender inequality in publishing. With […]

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Any Given Sunday Dinner

Monroe, Illinois When Charlie Gehringer finally got married, he had long retired from the Major Leagues and had moved from the stronghold of the Tigers to Monroe, the garden of the uninterested. This lowly town in the crook of Illinois where the Ohio merged with the Mississippi was one he’d passed through a good deal […]

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Recently, my reading shelf has almost entirely included books that comment upon the duality of love and pain. The morning after my boyfriend left from visiting me in New York to return to Portland, I read this passage from Anne Carson’s Eros the Bittersweet on my morning commute at the very moment my train crested […]

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Bad Sitter: Part Two

Part Two. For Part One, click here. I pushed Vic’s kid down Court Street, stopped every few strides by another stroller, double-wides, more often than not. Benny kicked at the stroller’s footrest and shouted out things that I could not understand and did not trouble myself over. In the first store, I had to wedge […]

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Bad Sitter

To me, it always seems like a crime that the worst things that have ever happened to you make such a good story. Like, in the moment, when the dump truck filled with steaming stink is cascading its contents on your head, you’re supposed to stand up straight and take those sensations with you into […]

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The Threat of Stones

They say that humans might live here, but in these four walls, I found myself an unbeliever in the building’s life expectancy. The apartment swallowed me up each day and if I opened a window to let in a breeze or the afternoon sun, I heard too well the sounds of shattering glass and car […]

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Day Out

She was instantly sick. Ray made himself distraught trying to alleviate her pain. He kept opening and closing his tackle box and staring into its contents wildly. “I thought I packed Dramamine,” he muttered. Sheila rarely felt motion sickness when the two of them put out for a day of fishing in New York Bay. […]

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