Every City with a Side

Would you be happier paying $1,500 for a closet and eating dried beans in a stranger’s city? This is what I’m asking these days. Why are all these graphic designers moving to 35th Street, 32nd Street, 30th Street in my city? The last bartender I met said my neighborhood of origin is a bad one. […]

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The Agitators

to work in the mornings I walk the other direction past a sign commemorating Joshua Glover a runaway slave from St. Louis maybe near where Ferguson is now The Fugitive Slave Act imprisoned Joshua here in Milwaukee but protestors broke down the jail’s door so Joshua could get to Canada on the Underground Railroad …………………….Looking […]

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long light

don’t remember what emptiness is but the heart always scars like a poetry mouth in this city with you slowly is the only way to land even as we/ let me know what the beams say when you step outside how returns shine we hope the rest of us remains this is where it’s all […]

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my thumbs disengage from my body and their lonely stubs stink like eggs, so i suck them back on to leave the house in one piece. they tell me this book is giving birth to another. so what? what if each building were a different color? you would never run out of places where no […]

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Her Published Life

Oh, I am so chock full of every gruesome spotch on this winter Midwest beach               different iterations ………………………….. days swinging by as we fly into the open lake            She is my foggiest Memory: no one meant to eat this on their plate, head song          smashed against the outside of a door, the brunt of […]

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